Why Does Post Stroke Patient Need Self Esteem Assessment?

By Reno Fu

As a post stroke patient, have you ever experienced the following:

You can not accept the truth that you can not walk or talk now.

You can not achieve anything by your own.

You are exhausted.

You are so frustrated that nobody listens to you, and nobody cares about you.

You think people around you are regarding you as a burden.

You feel constantly guilty for the burden to family.

You are feeling you are nobody.

You are feeling you are not worthy to others anymore.

You are not sure if you deserve anything.

You are feeling the whole world is against you.


You do not know what happened to you.

The patients and doctors would regard it as Post Stroke Depression and ignore the root cause of self esteem problems. It is a good practice for any post stroke patients to assess your Self Esteem regularly.

Self esteem assessment is required to understand your self esteem level. It helps to determine whether you have healthy self esteem level or low self esteem level. Healthy self esteem will make you good and only good people can think others are also good people. Self esteem assessment requires answers to various questions like how you feel when you cause the troubles for family, what do you think when you look at the mirror, what you will do when you can not achieve anything.

It is normal for any human being to make mistakes. But blaming others for your mistake or simply denying the fact that you have to ask for help will indicate that you are not a self esteemed person. But to admit the fault as it is or accept your reality will definitely increase your self esteem and you can also learn a lesson from your mistake.

Self esteem assessment is again important because we live in a society that gives more importance to external beauty and glamour. But most of the people do not have perfect beauty, especially, the post stroke patient. So we require a lot of self assessment to accept things which we can not change. This will help in developing self esteem.

We face a lot of problems in our daily lives. But dealing with any problems peacefully without blaming others will increase your self esteem. A detailed self esteem assessment is necessary here to develop a positive thinking for facing any problem. The assessment will also help to understand that any thing wrong or right does not come from others’ activities but you will be responsible for your problems.

Accepting commitments is a symbol of healthy self esteem. If you break up your commitment often then it is a sign of low self esteem. If some one passes a negative statement about you then you should not feel badly or fight with the opposite party. Just try to analyze whether there is any thing true in their statement or they simply blame you. You must make your own judgment and should have strong self esteem to hear any negative statements about you.

Self esteem assessments are required to determine your level of self esteem. If your self confidence level is poor then you need some others to guide you in even a simple issue. Self esteem assessment also helps to analyze your relationship problems. Often relationship problems particularly divorce and family break ups happen due to lack of self esteem.

Self esteem assessment is essential because poor self esteem will often lead to several problems. Low self esteem quality people will lack leadership qualities and they will have the fear of failing in their effort. The assessment will thus provide practice to increase the self esteem level and speed up the recovering process.



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